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cvXporter: DirectX .x File Exporter for Maya

Chad Vernon wrote a utility that can export Maya models to .x file, which in turn can be used in Microsoft DirectX. You can download cvxporter v1.2 here.

Installation Instructions for cvxporter v1.2

Copy cvxporter.py to your scripts directory (i.e. My Documents\\maya\\2008\\scripts\\). Then invoke your Python Window by selecting Window -> General Editors -> Script Editor from within Maya and type:

import cvxporter

If you see the error:

# Error: No module named cvxporter
# Traceback (most recent call last):
# File "“, line 1, in
# ImportError: No module named cvxporter #

It means, your PYTHONPATH isn’t set up properly. Create an environment variable name PYTHONPATH and set its value to the path to your maya scripts directory.

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