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Annoying Message When Starting Outlook 2007

February 17th, 2010 No comments

Sometime ago, I started to get an annoying error message when I tried to run Outlook 2007. The error message was: “There was a problem reading one or more of your reminders. Some reminders may not appear.” I googled around and found the solution in a thread on the Microsoft forum. Poster CLF provided a solution which worked well for me. Here is what CLF wrote in his post:

I was getting the same error message and this post guided me in the right direction. Somehow, my main Outlook file was “open” twice. To fix, in Outlook 2007, go to Tools menu, select “account settings”, select the “data files” tab, and see if your Outlook PST file is listed more than once. If so, select “remove” for the one that does not show as your default.

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