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NEC ND-3520A DVD Burner and Memorex Dual Layer Discs

July 14th, 2010 1 comment

Recently I purchased a spindle of Memorex DVD+R DL dual layer discs to burn some XBOX360 games. My computer has an old NEC ND-3520A DVD burner. This drive is about five years old and has been serving me well. However, when I put a Memorex DL disc in the NEC drive and tried to burn an XBOX360 game image using Imgburn, I got an error message – “Cannot write medium – Incompatible format”. I found the reason for this problem after some searching on the internet. Since my NEC drive is pretty old, the media ID of the Memorex DL discs (MBIPG101-R10-65) is not listed in the NEC drive’s firmware. So the NEC drive did not know how to proceed when it saw the Memorex DL disc since there is no write strategy for that specific media ID. Instead, it simply spit out an error message and quit burning.

To solve this problem, I needed to add the media ID of the Memorex DL discs to the NEC drive’s firmware. This could be done using MediaCodeSpeedEdit written by ala42. Here are the steps to fix the problem:

  1. Download a firmware for the NEC ND-3520A DVD burner. I used Dee’s ND3520 2.U5 firmware downloaded from Liggy’s and Dee’s Modified Firmwares.
  2. Run MediaCodeSpeedEdit. Click the “Load” button to load the firmware downloaded in the previous step. After loading a list of supported media types, disc IDs, and write speeds is shown in the window (see the following figure).
  3. Media Code Speed Edit
  4. Click on one of the “DVD+R9” entries (I used the “Philips CD2-000” entry since I never used and probably will never use this media). Change the “Media Name/Ext./Rev.” to “MBIPG101/R10/65” and click the “Set” button (see the following figure).
  5. Media Code Speed Edit
  6. Save the patched firmware to a new file.
  7. Flash the patched firmware to the NEC drive.
  8. Reboot your computer and your NEC drive should now be able to burn those Memorex DL discs with disc ID: MBIPG101-R10-65.
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