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Comm Failure Error on TS40B Wall Display

June 16th, 2012 5 comments

I have got a “Comm Failure” error on my AC control panel. The control panel is a Ztech TS40B wall display panel. The symptoms and the solution were found in the following forum thread: Receiving “Comm Failure” message, no heat.

Here is the quote from that thread:


I have a TS40B Wall Model Thermostat from Beutler. Right now my aircondition/heating wall display is showing ‘comm failure’. Can anyone tell me what this is and how to reset? Right now, nothing is working, Heat, Fan, SmartVent…I would be thankful for any insights.

I was able to find the User manual online, and it makes reference to “Hold Settings”, which was the last button to the right. Which is now no longer there or even indicating its available. The system shows it’s off, with no option of turning it back on to “run” or “hold”.


Update: Note to all who may run into this issue with their own TS40B Wall Model Thermostat. Turn all of the power off, flip your main breakers. Initially, I tried just flipping the breakers for the HVAC, but nothing changed. I decided to flip the main breakers; everything came back online exactly as it was before.

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