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Xbox 360 Hack: Flash Lite-On Drive

November 12th, 2009 9 comments

First things first. The post describes how I flashed my Xbox360 Lite-On drive. You can follow the steps in this post but I’m not responsible for any consequences caused by following my tutorial. You are also warned: opening your Xbox360 and flashing the DVD drive WILL void your warranty.


[My Xbox 360 Arcade]
Xbox360 Arcade

  • Purchased from
  • Manufacture Date: 07/21/2009
  • Team CSON
  • Lot #: 0929x

DVD Drive:

  • Model: Lite-On DG-16D2S-09C
  • Firmware Version: 83850C
  • Hardware Version: A0A2
  • Manufacture Date: July, 2009


[Flash Procedure]
Key Dump:
For Lite-On 83850C DVD drives made earlier than August 9, 2009, you don’t need a “connectivity kit” to read the drive key. Instead, the drive key can be read through an SATA cable.

  1. Download JungleFlasher v0.1.67 beta package and unrar it to a folder.
  2. Download iXtremem 1.6 firmware for Lite-On 83850C from Unrar the file and put “ix16-liteon838.bin” file in the “firmware” subfolder in the “JungleFlasher v0.1.67 beta” folder.
  3. Install PortIO32 on your PC. PortIO32 installation files are included in the JungleFlasher v0.1.67 beta package.
  4. Open Xbox 360 (follow instructions from Xbox 360 Disassembly Tutorial).
  5. Xbox360 Disassembled

  6. Connect an SATA cable from your PC motherboard to the Lite-On DVD drive. Use Xbox 360 console to power the drive.
  7. Xbox360 DVD Drive Connected to PC via SATA

  8. Run JungleFlasher v0.1.67 beta on your PC.
  9. Click the “DVDKey32” tab. In the “I/O Port” dropbox select the port corresponding to the Lite-On drive. Note when you select the correct port, the “Drive Properties” section will show the Lite-On drive information (double check this!!!). Then click “LO83Info” button.
  10. JungleFlasher DVDKey32

  11. JungleFlasher will pop up a window and ask you to power on the DVD drive with tray half open. This is the tricky part and here is how you do it: 1) Press the eject button so that the DVD tray is fully open. 2) Disconnect the power cable to the DVD drive. 3) Push the tray half in. 4) Reconnect the DVD power cable (VERY IMPORTANT: make sure you don’t connect the power cable connector upside down. Otherwise you are going to bust your DVD drive).
  12. Make Sure DVD Tray is Half Open
  13. Once the DVD drive tray is half open, click “OK” button in the popup window. JungleFlasher will then send the LO83info command to the drive.
  14. Within a few seconds, JungleFlasher will pop up another window and ask to you fully open the drive tray. Manually move the tray fully open by hand. Then click “OK” button.
  15. Make Sure DVD Tray is Full Open
  16. If JungleFlasher thinks the key dump is valid, it will prompt you to power on the DVD drive with tray half open again. Follow the procedure in Step 8 and make sure the DVD drive is powered on with tray half open. Then click “OK” button.
  17. Once again, JungleFlasher will ask you to set full open tray. Manually pull the tray to fully open position and click “OK” button.
  18. JungleFlasher will prompt you to save a few files (Serial.bin, Identify.bin, Inquiry.bin, and Dummy.bin). If you checked the “Dummy.bin Only” box in the “DVDKey32” tab, you will be prompted to save only “Dummy.bin”. Save the file(s).
  19. Once saved, JungleFlasher will load Dummy.bin as “Source Firmware” in the “FirmwareTool32” tab and prompt you to auto load iXtreme firmware. If you selected “Yes”, target firmware will be loaded and automatically spoofed.
  20. JungleFlasher FirmwareTool32

Note: Try dumping the DVD drive key a few times and compare the dumped keys. Make sure they are the same before erasing the Lite-On drive.

Erase and Write Lite-On PLDS DG-16D2S:

  1. In JungleFlasher click the “MTKFlash32” tab.
  2. Double check the I/O Port is the correct port and click “Lite-On Erase” button.
  3. JungleFlasher Lite-On Erase

  4. JungleFlasher then will warn of the importance of having a good drive key. If you are sure you have a good key, click “Yes” to continue.
  5. Make Sure You Have a Good Drive Key
  6. You will get another warning from JungleFlasher. Read this warning carefully!!! After clicking “Yes” and quickly disconnect and then connect the power cable to the drive – ONCE.
  7. Power Off and On DVD Drive Once
  8. Hopefully you will see good “Flash Chip Propertities” and “Status 0x72”. Lite-On DVD drive will appear in “Drive in Vendor Mode!” under “Drive Properties”. Now click “Write” button to write “Target Buffer” to the drive.
  9. Lite-On Drive Erased

  10. If everything goes right, you will see “Write Verified OK!” in the running log -:) Now click “Outro/ATA Reset” button to reset the drive.
  11. Lite-On Write Success

That’s it. Now power off and disconnect the Lite-On drive from your PC. Connect the Lite-On drive back to your Xbox360 and test.

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