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IE Address Bar Editor

November 13th, 2008 No comments


If you want to remove un-wanted URLs that Internet Explorer (IE) stored in the drop-down address bar, you’ll have to open the Windows registry editor, find the URLs that IE stored in the registry, delete un-wanted entries, and re-order the rest URLs. If you do this manually, the whole process is a little tedious and dangerous (messing with Windows registry is always dangerous).

To make this task easier, I wrote a small program called “IE Address Bar Editor” using Visual C#. This little tool reads the URLs that IE stored in the Windows registry. Then you can easily modify (delete, edit, and re-order) these URLs and save the changes back to the Windows registry. Below is a screenshot of my program.


I have tested this program on three computers running Windows XP and it worked fine on all three PCs. You are welcome to download and try it out. The program can be downloaded here. After downloading the file, unzip it. Then double click “IEAddressBarEditor.exe” to run. If you find any bugs please let me know. Thanks for looking!


  1. Before using this tool, you need to close any IE window that is running.
  2. You need Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to run this tool. Microsoft .Net Framework can be downloaded from Microsoft website.
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